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Commercial Delegation from Gomel State

Accompanied by the leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Commerce Department , an entrepreneur delegation of 12 led by Mrs Elivera ,Director of Economic Commission of Gomel State, and Mr. Valeri ,Consul General of Belarus in Shanghai, visited the headquarters of CJI on Dec. 9th , and G. Manager of CJI Mr. Xue Lequn met with the Delegation. Present also at the meeting were the leaders from CJI’s Overseas Business Dept., Trading Dept. , Planning & Investment Dept., G. Manager’s Office, Construction Group Corp., Overseas Engineering Branch Co., Hengtai Trading Branch Co. and other concerned subsidiaries.

G. Manager Xue expressed a warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of CJI, and then gave a brief introduction to the guests about CJI’s main business fields and development strategy, laying a stress on current situation of overseas business and foreign trade. Mrs….returned an introduction about the economy of Gomel State of Belarus, and then recommended the projects of engineering and trading for cooperation. Mr. Xue expressed that through exchange of views we had increased understanding and friendship between the two sides. CJI is wiling to enhance liaison between the two sides and conduct a site survey on the proposed projects in line with the principle of mutual benefits and common development.

According to the information from the Delegation, the Gomel State now has more than 300 industrial enterprises, covering foods processing, machinery manufacturing, woods processing, paper-making and etc., owns rich mineral resources of peat, woods as well as good infrastructure, with transportation facilities of roads, railways, shipping and air traffic.