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International Trade

International Trade

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Trade supply is one of four major lines of business of China Jiangsu International. Its international trading business mainly includes chemicals and pharmaceuticals, M-E equipment, hardware and construction materials, light industry and daily used products, textile and clothing, complete plants and technology introduction. The company enjoyed rapid development of trading business in recent years. It fully takes its own advantages and strengths, constantly expanding foreign trade business. The total import and export turnover has been over US$600 million for many years, ranking top 500 in China. It built economic and trade relationship with over 100 countries and regions and established its commercial reputation in international market.

China Jiangsu International optimizes its business combination, promotes the linkage between foreign trade and foreign economy as well as trade and engineering, and upgrades advantageous business in pesticides, chemicals, petro-chemical products, hardware and E-M equipment. It drives the transformation and upgrading of conventional trade and establishes industrial chain supply system. It deepens complete plant international procurement and supply business, improves the operation of procurement center and achieves integrated supply capacity for industrial chain equipment and materials.