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International Contracting

International Contracting

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InternationaI project contracting is the core business of CJI.As a transnationaI grouP Iong with the operation right for foreign project cont racting and the Grade A aualification for construction tasks of foreign aid complete plant project and supplying foreign aid materials,CJI has been engaged in international project contracting for over 30 years,and all projects contracted won high appraisal by the governments and people of the local countries.It has been ranked by the"Engineering News Record"ofthe United States as one ofthe"world top 250 contractors”for 21 consecutive years.CJI is now operating in over 30 COUntries and regions all over the world,with scope of operation covering civil construction works,public buiIdings,industriaI buiIdings,and infrastructure projects;and it also operates for EPC contracting and construction generaI contracting.

After long period of overseas development.CJI has fostered internationaIized operation teams experienced in operation and management and specialized and composite professionals in technology,commerce and management.CJl will further give play to its advantages of global operation network and resources as backed up by the solid economic and technicaI strength of Jiangsu.strive to develop in close connection with the"Belt and Road”initiative.and do its best to provide customers with excellent service and high quality construction works.