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Introduction of International Projects

Introduction of International Projects

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International engineering contracting is China Jiangsu International’s core business. For three decades, China Jiangsu International has always adhered to “going global” strategy, boosting international cooperation in economy and technology with its business expanded in more than 100 countries and regions and branches and offices established in over 30 countries and regions. It has become a leading firm of foreign economic and trade cooperation in Jiangsu Province. China Jiangsu International takes the lead among the companies of similar nature in engineering contracting and it ranks top 200 in export turnover and top 500 in import and export turnover in China.

China Jiangsu International was entitled successively China’s “Double Excellence Firm in Foreign Contracting and Labor Cooperation”, one of “Top 10 Foreign Labor Cooperation Firms”, one of “China’s Top 500 Largest Service Firms”, a “Jiangsu Famous Brand Firm”, a “Nationwide Contract Abiding and Honesty Firm” and a “Grade AAA Enterprise in Foreign Contracting and Labor Cooperation Sector”. With the outstanding performance in international contracting, it has been appraised by ENR as Top 250 International Contractors for 23 consecutive years. China Jiangsu International has established a 3-in-1 management system, featuring ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system and GB/T28001 occupation health and safety management system, being a reliable enterprise for customers and society.