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Investment Service

Investment Service

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Urban investment is also one of the major lines of business that China Jiangsu International develops. The business involves the Group’s Jiangsu Urban & Rural Construction Investment Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Environment Protection Industry Co., Ltd., China Jiangsu International Real Property Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xuzhou China Jiangsu International Urban Development Co., Ltd and China Jiangsu International Investment Co., Ltd.

China Jiangsu International has been active in building and creating its own commercial and profit mode in recent years. Fully playing the role of Jiangsu Urban & Rural Construction Investment Co., Ltd.’s financing platform and integrating internal resources of the Group, China Jiangsu International builds a business mode featuring a complete industrial chain of investment and financing, preliminary consulting, survey and design, construction, operation and management. It adopts PPP and other modes to participate in urban construction and major construction projects of the government. It focuses on enhancing the comprehensive competitive advantages of integrating investment, construction and operation.

Being the financing platform for shanty town renovation of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Urban & Rural Construction Investment Co., Ltd. innovates financing operation mode, securing a smooth progress of Jiangsu shanty town renovation. So far, the total line of credit of special loan fund approved by China Development Bank for Jiangsu shanty town renovation is RMB96.8 billion and a total amount of RMB61.9 billion loan has been released. China Jiangsu International assists Bank of Jiangsu and other relevant departments in setting up a RMB100 billion “Bank of Jiangsu Shanty Town Renovation Fund”, the company being the fund manager.

Jiangsu Environment Protection Industry Co., Ltd. is majority owned by China Jiangsu International. It was established in June 2010 which was led by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Jiangsu Provincial Government. The company officially started operation in April 2011 with major business covering investment, construction, operation and management of urban water affairs (including water supply and drainage), treatment of solid waste and gases, ecological restoration and small watershed dredging. The Dachang sewage treatment plant invested and constructed by the company is now in normal operation with revenue. It constructed Yangzhong Water Supply River Crossing Pipeline Project under BT mode. It was also contracted for operation and management of eight water treatment plants in Nanjing. At present, General dredging of Yangzi River in Yangzhong city and Xinglong Sewage Treatment Plant project are under construction with total investment of over RMB400 million .

China Jiangsu International Real Property Co., Ltd. has national class A real property development qualification and was entitled Top 50 Real Estate Development Enterprises of Comprehensive Strength in Jiangsu Province of Year 2014. The company has developed more than 3.3 million square meters of various commercial and residential buildings. It developed and completed Nanjing Hong’an Plaza, Nanjing Zhongjiang Meihe Park Project, Nanjing Jingming Jiayuan Project, Anqing Hongqi Neighborhood New Century Garden Project, Xinghua Jindongmen Huayuan project, Huai’an Jinyang Garden Project, Nanjing Flour Factory’s Relocation Project, Yangzhou Jinshan Garden Project, Yangzhou Yudai Home Project, Taizhou Sansen Neighborhood Project, Nanjing Yunlongshancheng Villa Project and Yancheng Zhongjiang Jiacheng Project. Nantong Zidong Huayuan Neighborhood, Taizhou Kangju Community, Hai’an Shengshi Jianyuan Neighborhood, Dangtu Binjiang Neighborhood and Pukou New City Relocation Project are under construction. In recent years, the company expanded its business to shanty town renovation and new urbanization construction within the province.

Being a provincial general consulting entity, Jiangsu Complete Plant Co., Ltd. provides professional, high-quality and complete project management consulting service for clients. It forms a business structure of engineering consulting, tender agency, international trade and environment protection works developing in a coordinated way. It provided high-quality service for key projects such as Nanjing Metro, XCMG, Lukou Airport and Youth Olympic Games Conference Center in and out of Jiangsu Province. The company is among the first group of pilot enterprises in Jiangsu Province to conduct whole-process engineering consulting, being project planning, investment and financing consulting, feasibility study, engineering, project supervision, tender and procurement, cost and audit and project management.