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Domestic Projects

Domestic Projects

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Domestic engineering contracting is one of the major lines of business of China Jiangsu International. With special grade for general contracting of building construction, grade 1 for general contracting of urban and public works, class A of building design, class A of air-raid shelters and protection facility design and grade 1 for multiple professional contracting, China Jiangsu International develops its business in over 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. It has rich construction experience and excellent performance in industrial and civil buildings, urban infrastructure and real estate development. It is capable of engineering consulting, design, construction, operation and maintenance in a coordinated process. Over decades of market expansion, China Jiangsu International completed many high-quality projects under the modes of PPP, EPC, BT and general contracting of construction, professional contracting and construction management. Four projects won China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (National Prime-quality project) and over 50 won provincial prime-quality project prizes. China Jiangsu International was entitled successively “Top 100 Firms in General Competitiveness in China’s Construction Industry”, “Advanced Firms in China’s Construction Industry”, “China’s Outstanding Contractors”, “Top 100 Firms in Jiangsu Construction Industry”, “Foreign Economic Top 10 Firm in Jiangsu Construction Industry” and “Jiangsu Renowned Contractors”.