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The First Party Congress of the Communist Party of China Zhongjiang International Group was Held Successfully

The First Party Congress of the Communist Party of China Zhongjiang International Group was Held Successfully

From January 18 to January 19, 2018, the first representative meeting of the Communist Party of China Zhongjiang International Group was held in Nanjing.

Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group Corporation, Wang Bin, represented the Chinese Communist Party Zhongjiang International Group Corporation Committee and made a presentation entitled “Transformation, Upgrade, Quality Improvement, and Construction of First-Class, Internationally-Recognized Project Contractors, Comprehensive Service Providers for Town Construction, and International Trade Services. Business Report.

The delegates agreed that the report is based on the actual development of the group company, summed up the work and major achievements of the past five years, analyzed the existing problems and the opportunities and challenges currently faced, and clarified the guiding ideology, goals and main tasks for the next four years.

The conference elected Wang Bin, Zhu Xinbao, Sun Guangneng, Li Youchun, Song Qinbo, Zhang Yonggui, Zhao Guangbao, Gu Yongheng, and Huang Rugeng, nine comrades (in order of their strokes by their last name) as members of the first party committee; Election of Ding Mingyun, Yu Qing, Wang Zhenzhong, Shi Yinlou, Zhao Guangbao, Yao Weibiao and Xia Hong 7 comrades (sorted by last name strokes) were members of the first session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.

At the first plenary session of the first party committee of the group company, Comrade Wang Bin was elected party secretary, and Song Qinbo and Sun Guangneng were party committee deputy secretaries.

At the first plenary session of the first session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Group Corporation elected Comrade Zhao Guangbao as Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and Comrade Yao Weibiao as Deputy Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee.

The General Assembly adopted the "Resolution on the Work Report of the Communist Party Committee of the CPC Zhongjiang International Group" and the "Resolution on the Work Report of the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Communist International Corporation".

At the closing meeting, Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Bin of the Group Corporation focused on the “12 Persistences” put forward by the Party Congress report, further elaborated on the Group’s future development direction, key tasks and methodological measures, and called on the Group to earnestly study Xi Jinping’s new era in China. The characteristic socialist ideology, in-depth implementation of the spirit of the party's Nineteenth National Congress, under the strong leadership of the provincial party committee and the provincial government and the supervision and guidance of the provincial SASAC, to fully promote the pace of reform and development and transformation and upgrading, in response to the national "One Belt and One Road" initiative, The construction of “strong and prosperous” new Jiangsu made new contributions and written a magnificent chapter in the development of Zhongjiang during the great journey of realizing the “Chinese Dream”.

On the basis of the completion of the established agenda, this Party Congress fully embodies the features of Zhongjiang and integrates the elements of Zhongjiang. First, the General Assembly set a special signature for all participants in the party flag, prompting each party representative to remember the original intention, further strengthen party members' awareness, and keep in mind the party members' identities and duties; the second is to compile and issue the Zhongjiang business story collection “On the Road”. Advocating the advanced deeds of the pioneering hero of Zhongjiang Frontier; the third is to play Zhongxin’s first party building micro-movie “Heart Road”. The Yingge Group’s foreign party branch united to lead the young employees to take root overseas and build a moving story; Fourth, the group leader’s leadership, hierarchy and party representatives. Exchanges and interactions strengthened the positive guidance of the election work. Fifth, in the representative group of the Zhongjiang Party Congress, the chief comrade of the Party Committee of the Party, in the capacity of an ordinary party representative, sent a “let's face to face” The initiative of "Hearts and Arms in One Hand," mobilizes and motivates party representatives to continue to exercise their delegated rights and perform representative duties during the term of office of the party representatives for the next four years, so that the party representative group will become the "point library" and "red" of the wisdom of the group. The radio station, the "public column" of the party affairs, the "through train" of public opinion, and the "cloud classroom" of the party building are strong. Do your best and strive to become bigger and bigger!